What's New
  • Cookie Toggle 0.8.2 released (FF 1.5 compatibility)
  • Cookie Toggle 0.8.1 released (fixed large button size)
  • Cookie Toggle 0.8 released (initial version)

Welcome to the Cookie Toggle project page.

Cookie Toggle is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that creates a toolbar button that allows you to toggle cookie functionality on and off. This extension is ideal for those who wish to surf with cookies off, but want to be able to turn them on easily when visiting certain sites.

Update! 14 January 2006

Cookie Toggle 0.8.2 allows for Firefox 1.5 compatibility.

I will accept graphics offerings for the buttons as my graphics and art skills are rather mediocre. I would like any submissions to reflect both cookies and a toggle-like switch. I, of course, reserve the right to make the final decission. (As art tastes vary widely, don't feel bad if we don't agree.)


Known Issues:

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