Instal Cookie Toggle 0.8.2


0.8.2 - Changed to work with Firefox 1.5

0.8.1 - Fixed size of large toolbar buttons

0.8 - Inital public version

Newest versions of Firefox require that websites be on a "whitelist" in order to install extensions directly from the web. If your installation gets denied, either download the extension (by right-clicking and choosing "Save Link as...") and then drag the XPI file into Firefox or add to the list of approved sites (by clicking "Edit Options", "Allow", and then "OK").

This extension has been tested on Windows XP SP2 up to Firefox 1.5 and on Linux with Firefox 1.0PR (0.10). Due to the simple nature of the extension it should work with any OS and Firefox versions greater than 0.9.

Linux users may need to alter file permissions inside the extensions directory in order to allow the extension to work.

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